This Stunning Flooring is a next generation Waterproof Engineered Floor, developed to meet the demands of the commercial and residential sectors.

It features the latest technology and offers superior performance, ease of installation and low maintenance, as well as reduced lifecycle costs and eco-benefits. 

The 12mm SPC Flooring will provide you with a more sturdy feel when walking upon it.

Thicker will definitely offer more stability and strength, It’s also the better option if your subfloor is uneven.

Five collections offer a total in a beautiful wood grain, with matching four-sided bevelled edges.

P  R  E  M  I  U  M     12 M M


WPC Flooring is the latest in home improvement technology, it is composed of wood and plastic that adopts the best qualities of both materials.

WPC provides exceptional stability and will not expand or contract when exposed to excess humidity or temperature fluctuations

WPC flooring has an advantage with other kinds of flooring because of its mixture of the wood together with calcium carbonate and PVC, it become new recyclable materials that are made from chemical, physical as well as controlled of high technological measures.


People will surely be amazed with this kind of flooring because WPC flooring characteristics are considered as amazingly helpful as antiseptic, wearlayer, waterproof, fire-proofing, environmental protection etc. 

P  R  E  M  I  U  M     8 M M - 10 M M 


Hybrid-Maxx 8.5mm is made from WPC (Wood Polimer Composite) material with Luxury Vinyl on top, and its come with the latest innovation, EIR (Embossed In Register) technology, which providing unparalled realism and natural beauty that makes your flooring stand out.


Every plank's is unique, three-dimensional wood grain surface makes Hybrid-MAXX is the perfect choice for your flooring.

Hybrid-MAXX (8.5mm) coming with IXPE foam, with advantages:

- Excellent water vapor barrier

- Very good impact sound unsulation

- Excellent Tear, Tensile and Compression Strengh

- Absorbs uneveness in base floor

- High Thermal stability

- Inert, does not deteriorate or mildew

- Low VOC, Ecofriendly

H Y B R I D - M A X X   8.5 MM

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